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Shaping the global energy transition.

H2Global's Foundation accelerates the emergence of markets for clean hydrogen and other low-emission fuels worldwide.

Thriving climate-neutral energy markets resulting in enhanced climate and development outcomes.

What we do

We are dedicated to climate and environmental protection. The main activities of the H2Global Foundation include fundraising and donor engagement, promoting the H2Global mechanism, and fostering communication and visibility. We also engage with governments, the private sector, and philanthropies, in addition to conducting research and forming partnerships with leading international organizations.

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The H2Global mechanism

H2Global is a market-based concept and mechanism that supports the timely creation of functioning markets for clean hydrogen and other low-emission fuels and the mobilization of public and private capital towards these new asset classes. This will lead to a ramp-up of the production and use of clean hydrogen and other low-emission fuels on an industrial scale, actively contributing to the global energy transition for a sustainable future.

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Who we are

The purpose of the H2Global Foundation is to promote the protection of the environment and the climate as well as foster the promotion of science and research.

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Hintco is the implementing entity of the H2Global instrument. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the H2Global Foundation.

Hintco's core task is the implementation of competitive bidding processes for the purchase and sale of clean hydrogen-based products and other low-emission fuels for shaping the global energy transition.

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